Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Retaining Wall

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SEPTEMBER 2017 – “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  What a way to start off a blog post, right? Yet often we find this to be true. Although we’ve experienced an interesting weather trend this summer, we know that winter rains will inevitably come. And every rainy season, many people find that improper irrigation and unfinished landscaping results in mini landslides in their front or backyards, some of which end up in their pool or living room.

If you have any type of sloped yard, or area of unfinished landscaping, (correctly) building a retaining wall will help prevent unnecessary runoff and landscape erosion.

Here are the top three ways retaining walls can help improve your landscape.


retaining walls san diego california | LaBahn's LandscapingSometimes, when a rain storm sneaks its way in, we end up seeing rocks and pebbles in the middle of streets, and dirt or sand sliding onto sidewalks. When heavy rains come, there’s often much more debris swept into streets, walkways and homes. This phenomenon can be prevented through several measures, one of them being the use of retaining walls.

Retaining walls build up an area of land, taking away the natural slope of dirt, sand, grass, and plants, while still allowing proper water irrigation to flow into necessary areas.  A retaining wall in your front yard may have a dual purpose in providing a nice planter box area, while creating a secure landscape to keep the soil and plants in place.

They can serve a much greater purpose in your backyard if there are additional areas that need to be landscaped. If there’s no barrier to prevent runoff, heavy rains will easily wash away soil and debris, even if they aren’t located in a sloped area, into other areas of your yard, the drive way, sidewalk, or street.


retaining walls in landscape design | LaBahn's San DiegoAdding a retaining wall to your backyard, whether it’s one wall or a multi-level structure, can add depth to your landscape and allow more space for design. A retaining wall can solely be a means to prevent erosion, but it can also help to create space for a seating area amid your garden, room for a storage area, or a more open area for kids to run around and play. Whatever your design desires are, retaining walls can help create the look, and space you want.


Retaining walls are not just for functional purposes and there are multiple design options when it comes to integrating retaining walls into your landscape. From creating a unique walkway to a secret garden to adding an outdoor seating area around a fire pit,

retaining walls can help you design your dream backyard, while adding value to your home and function to your everyday life!

For front yards and commercial landscapes, retaining walls offer a clean-cut look that is welcoming and inviting, while also proving functional in keeping soil, mulch and flower beds in their intended places.


Whatever your needs or wants may be, it’s important to remember that prevention is key when it comes to preparing for the rainy season and keeping your landscape intact.

If you would like to discuss redesigning your landscape or incorporating retaining walls, we’d love to hear from you! Please call our office at 619-579-9151 or visit our Contact Page to schedule an appointment.


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