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Our mission: "Impacting communities through deep rooted relationships, quality service, and proactive results."

Core Competencies: People First

  • We do what we say
  • We plan, prepare, and execute
  • We make it right
  • We invest in our team
  • We share generously

Core Values: People First

  • Respect
  • Pro-Active
  • Integrity
  • Follow-Through
  • Gratitude

Working with Us – It’s All About Relationship

Your property’s landscape is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Beautifully designed and maintained properties give customers confidence and create pleasant work environments for employees.


Landscaping is not a one-time job. It requires long-term planning and consistent maintenance by professionals who understand your vision and will work within your budget.


At LaBahn’s, relationship is key. We take the time to understand your goals and provide detailed landscape designs tailored specifically to your needs, budget, and time constraints. Our dedication to making your landscaping reflect your best public image begins with your first call. Our staff follows up after every client contact, ensuring positive results and excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is our greatest priority.

Our History and Growth

Mike and Julie LaBahn started LaBahn's Landscaping in 1984 with the goal of providing the best landscaping and customer service in San Diego County. Today the company continues to provide quality service to clients throughout southern California, specializing in landscape maintenance and management for commercial properties. LaBahn's is a family-owned business that is large enough to handle any landscaping need and personal enough to care for every customer.


We are proud to be family-owned and operated and have worked hard to maintain a stellar reputation for over 30 years. It is with great anticipation that the next generation of the LaBahn’s family enters into a new stage of growth and excellence.


Take a behind-the-scenes look at LaBahn’s Landscaping, and learn more about how our culture of family fosters a positive work environment, encourages professional development, and results in beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers.


Meet Your Team

Julie LaBahn

Co-founder and President

Julie founded LaBahn’s Landscaping with her husband, Mike, over thirty years ago. In that time they have experienced a myriad of changes in the economy, legal environment and, daily operational demands. Julie has been strategically involved in the planning and success of this company, alongside her husband and daughter.
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Mike LaBahn


Co-founder and CEO

Mike and his wife, Julie, started LaBahn’s Landscaping in 1984. For several years they maintained full-time employment outside of the business. Through hard work and perseverance, he achieved one of his lifetime goals – being a business owner. Mike has enjoyed ‘marrying’ his talents with his wife’s, to grow a thriving business. He has also enjoyed working with and sharing his love and expertise of the business with his daughter, Joanna.
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Joanna LaBahn-Cornett


Vice President

B.A. Spanish from California State University San Marcos. Joanna grew up in the landscaping industry, going on walk-throughs with her mom and dad at an early age. To this day, several of our customers and employees reminisce about her coming to their properties in pigtails. In 2004, Joanna started out on a landscaping crew, and now serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer.
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Nathan Cornett


Director of Business Development

Nathan has been serving LaBahn's Landscpaing for 5 years now and brings an intense passion for people. Customer service and employee relations are his passions; serving our customers to bring the best and most reliable landscape services are his priorities. He serves as the President elect of CAI San Diego, the board chair of the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce, and on a number of volunteer committees in various industry related organizations! Nathan has earned his Master's degree in Organizational Management and brings years of management experience, but he also is family! The success of our business is the success of his family.
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Manuel Gonzalez


Construction Manager

Manuel has worked for LaBahn’s Landscaping since 1993. He leads the landscape construction crew and works closely with our landscape designers to ensure the design plans become a reality. “The landscaping design and construction division have grown tremendously this year, I enjoy installing the final plans and watching them transform properties.” —Manuel
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Julio Flores


Production Manager

Julio has been with LaBahn’s since 2009 and has extensive experience in the landscaping field. He started out as a landscaper and has worked his way up to a supervisor position. He enjoys spending time with his family and fishing. “I consider myself a perfectionist and believe the key to any successful business is providing excellent customer service.” — Julio
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Ron Zaccaro


Account Manager

Coming Soon...
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Brittney Etnyre


Account Manager

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Mayolo Gonzalez


Maintenance Training Supervisor

Mayolo has been working for LaBahn’s Landscaping since 1994. He started as a landscaper and worked his way up to field supervisor due to his eagerness to learn and provide excellent customer service. Mayolo excels at his position, ensuring the client’s needs are taken care of and the properties are in their best condition. “I enjoy my work. I have a passion for taking care of our customers and I really love working in the outdoors.
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Fredy Aguilar


Account Manager

At a young age, Fredy had an interest in landscaping and helped his family serve communities at the age of 10. With over 25 years of experience, he enjoys working with his crewmembers out in the field and developing his team each day. Fredy serves our clients with consistent and timely follow through. He is an expert with irrigation, and is continuously developing by pursuing his Landscape Technician Certification. He currently is certified in Reclaimed Water, and OSHA Safety Standards.
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Fabian Salazar

Account Manager

More info Coming.

Teri Ferguson



Magaly Marmolejo


Office Manager

Magaly has been working for the company since 2012. Coming from a background in Child Development, she was completely new to the office environment and has greatly excelled. Magaly is the friendly person answering almost every phone call, provided excellent customer service to our clients. She is a pleasure to work with and always has a smile on her face.
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