Stay Safe this Quarantine-O-Ween: 8 IDEAS for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of the year. It marks the welcoming of the holiday season, a change in seasons (even for us San Diegans), and a ton of fun for the kids in our families! We all have children, or nieces and nephews, or friends who have kids and this Halloween is likely to be very different from years’ past! From our family to yours, we want you to have a safe and FUN Halloween. So here are some tips for a super fun, and safe spooky Halloween Saturday!


  1. Take your spooky or fall decorations to the MAX this year! With Covid still looming over our heads we’re not sure it’s safe to go out and trick-or-treat, but you can bring the fun home by decorating your house. Like every thing else this year, bring the FUN home with you! 
  2. A fantastic idea from Oriental Trading Company is to turn your front yard into a socially distance trick-or treating fun zone! You could set up tombstones and put candy at each headstone, kids could enter one at a time to pick up their candy!
  3. Check out the Hershey’s website that helps you know how to trick-or-treat safely! They mapped out every single county in the country with risk levels, and some recommended activities for each risk level! San Diego is currently at a YELLOW level, so check it out.
  4. Set up a CANDY chute for contact-less trick-or-treating like this dad (Andrew Beattie) did! Super cool idea that gets candy into kids bags without the GERMS! Keep your distance, and still deliver amazing fun to the neighborhood kids!
  5. Have a Halloween movie night! Stay in and binge a list of classic Halloween horrors. In my house, we’re not super into scary, so we have a tradition of “announcing” the arrival of Christmas by watching Christmas movies, eating Christmas desserts, and starting to dream of Christmas time!
  6. Decorate your face masks for Halloween! This could be a super fun way to celebrate the season and make lemonade out of all these lemons!
  7. Plan a Halloween Scavenger Hunt in your house! The kids will love to search and find everything on their list, and they will enjoy eating what they find even more! You could create prizes for the winners, or special super hard prizes to find!
  8. Check out a pumpkin patch! Most are outdoors, and usually with tons of room to socially distance. We recommend Oma’s Pumpkin Patch, it is HUGE, with tons of room for the kids to play and explore! It’s also a real, live farm. Complete with cows and everything!
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