Santa Fe Downs HOA, Located in Del Mar

The front slopes along the main street were not showcasing the full potential of the Santa Fe Downs community. The goal for the project was to renovate the slopes in order to accurately exhibit the quality and natural beauty of the surrounding area.


The renovation included removing selected plant material and longstanding tree stumps, correcting the grading at the base of the slopes, installing a flowing serpentine dry riverbed, pockets of decomposed granite and decorative boulders.


This project was installed and managed by the LaBahn’s Landscaping team. Our Construction Manager and Project Manager worked on the site daily to ensure the end result was everything the client was expecting.

Xeriscape, Desert Landscaping

Most of San Diego County is a desert by the ocean. Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant, or Desert Landscaping here is more than just rocks and cactus. There is a common misconception regarding designing and installing Drought Tolerant landscaping. Usually, our first thought of a desert landscape is one of rocks, cactus and tumbleweeds.


A beautiful desert landscape is entirely possible using California native plants that naturally thrive in dryer areas. There are several options to choose from, including green and leafy plant material that display an array of color when in bloom. Artificial turf is another great option to replace high consumption grass areas. Our landscape designers can work with you to create a drought tolerant plant pallet that will offer color and interest every season of the year.

Responsible Water Management

California's limited supply of water is subject to ever increasing demands and is just one resource saved by drought tolerant and native landscaping. This results in immediate cost reduction through lower water bills.


Drought Tolerant landscaping can also reduce the amount of plant trimmings that are disposed of, in turn saving your community resources. A reduction in plant trimmings can reduce the amount of labor needed to maintain a given landscape. If you are hesitant to make the renovations to your landscape, consider the savings that you may be eligible for through your water district or So Cal Water Smart Rebates. We are proud to serve our clients by walking them through this entire process.

Evolving Technology

A landscape can be designed from the beginning to reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain it, as well as the amount of waste it produces. A balance can be achieved that fits both the aesthetic needs of the customer and the resource availability of San Diego County.


In the past few years, desert landscaping has evolved significantly. Information is readily available and simple processes have been developed in order to transform that beautiful planter into a pristine landscape that will save you monthly on the water bill. Following is the introduction of Xeriscape, and the easy step-by-step process to attain the resources and knowledge to move in the direction of water conservation.

The History

Xeriscape comes from the Greek word Xeros, meaning dry. Xeriscape essentially means the conserving of water through creative landscaping with simple principles that can be integrated into any landscape. The seven steps of Xeriscape are planning and design, soil analysis, appropriate plant selection, practical turf areas, efficient irrigation, use of mulches, and appropriate maintenance.


Desert landscaping is the answer to maintaining a beautiful landscape while saving valuable water.