Backyard Renovations: 6 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Landscape

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MAY 2017 – Have you been wanting to freshen up your space and give your backyard a new feel?  Perhaps you’ve thought of transforming your backyard into an entertainment space, perfect for hosting summer parties. We’ve put together six renovation ideas to spruce up your landscaping and get your backyard ready for spring and summer.

1. Add Hardscape

Hardscaping Ideas | LaBahn's Landscaping, San DiegoLooking to add texture to your backyard design? Adding hardscape will greatly increase your backyard’s appeal.  Hardscape design can be simple, like a river rock path meandering through your greenery. Or you can choose to be bold and do the entire backyard in natural stone slabs. There are endless design options you can create by choosing natural stone, pavers, bricks, river rocks and more.

Adding hardscape can also create a kid and pet friendly play space.  See our blog on pet-friendly landscapes here.

2. Build a Retaining Wall

Do you have a sloped backyard? Building a retaining wall, or a tiered retaining wall, can create depth and add character.  Kick your design up a notch by adding flowers, plants, shrubs, or even a couple of trees.

3. Design a Desert Dreamscape

Desert Landscaping, Xeriscapes | LaBahn's Landscaping, San DiegoDo you find warm summer nights the perfect time to relax and unwind? While we can’t control the weather, we can offer suggestions on creating the perfect desert dreamscape.  Desert colors are often easy on the eyes, and the maintenance is easy on the water bill.

If your first thoughts of the desert in your backyard are dry winds and dusty sand dunes, think again. Desert landscapes are often full of color and life.  We wrote a blog on high color, drought-tolerant plants that can easily transform your backyard into the desert dreamscape you’ve been hoping for.

4. Create a Natural Outdoor Space

Do you find lush tropical trees and cascading waterfalls relaxing?  You can use natural rock slabs to create a waterfall and river that re-circulates through your yard.  Plant trees that give a home to birds, and add bird feeders throughout your backyard.

While you’re at it, add a hammock for relaxing at the end of a long day, and soak up the rest of the summer evening rays.

5. Incorporate a Garden or Planter Boxes

Ready for some garden to table living? We recently did a two-part series on starting your own edible garden with fruits and vegetables.  You can start big or small, depending on what your outdoor space will allow. Planter boxes are perfect for creating an area for fruits, vegetables, or herbs to grow without compromising on space.

6. Build a Deck, Patio or Seating Area

Backyard Hardscaping Ideas | Patio Seating Area | LaBahn's LandscapingDo you love throwing outdoor parties? Create an inviting space for friends and family to gather. Whether you want to sit and relax or host a BBQ blowout, having an area designed for entertaining will make your house the most popular one on the block.


Our final thoughts on renovating your backyard:

Add some personal touches!  Consider adding lighting (pathway lights, twinkle lights or tiki torches), a fire pit, or maybe even a bocce ball court.  Personal finishing touches will bring your backyard renovation together and make it the perfect place to relax and welcome friends and family. Have fun and make it your own!

Whatever your backyard renovation dreams or desires are, we want to be a part of them!  Give us a call at 619-579-9151 or visit our contact page to schedule a walk through and start making your backyard dreams a reality.

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