All Inclusive Plant Healthcare Plan

Just like you and me, plants require certain elements to thrive and grow. Clearly you know the problems that come with lack of water, leaves curl, plants turn brown, roots wither. Did you know that giving a plant too much water can produce similar leaf curl and is very likely to produce mold or root rot? What about the soil? Soil needs to maintain the proper nutrients that “feed” the plant… Just like you and I who need water, air, and food; plants too need to be nourished to remain healthy.

At LaBahn’s Landscaping we maintain an annual agronomic calendar that is included in our maintenance service. Fertilizers and soil amendments that your plants need to thrive are included in our normal maintenance of your property. We do this for two reasons:

  1. We think you and your property deserves it
  2. We have a vested interest in keeping your plants healthy and vibrant- the community looks better, and we have a long-lasting partnership!

In many of our initial bids, we provide a soil sample report that gives you and us a head start as to what your soil needs. Once we begin our partnership we will get your community on our annual plant healthcare program in which your plants receive routine checkups, treatments, and care like never before.

For example, in April, our team is applying to all planter beds a Spring Fertilizer (15-15-15@ 6.5 lbs./1000 sq ft for general plants or 9-9-9 Super Iron @ 11 lbs. / 1000 sqft for ornamental plants that need iron).

We exist to provide you (and your plants) an excellent experience everytime you interact with our team. Please consider LaBahn’s Landscaping for the maintenance of your property!

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