A Covid-19 Update

No doubt you are exhausted with all the communications about Covid-19. The novel corona virus has done a number on the economy, our emotions, and certainly many of our health. On the flip side, business is learning how to “reboot” with work from home policies and video conferencing (among many other things), families are coming together to play board games, watch movies, eat lunch together and a ton of other creative ways, communities are reforming and people are reminded with how much they need each other. We are in this together. In the mean time, here’s a brief update for our clients, and the kind of communication you can expect from an all-star Landscaping Maintenance team.

Covid-19 Update

Our teams continue to serve as essential businesses. We are disinfecting trucks and equipment as often as possible, our teams are wearing face coverings, we are maintaining social distancing whoever humanly possible, and washing our hands as often as we can. We have made it possible for our office team to work from home, or at the very least (if not possible to work from home), one person per office maximum. We are continuing to monitor your communities and properties for excessive weed growth, shrubs remain healthy and well-trimmed, lawn areas remain manicured and well cared for, and your irrigation continues to be managed. We want your property to be well cared for during these uncertain times in order to preserve property values, protect against crime and safety hazards, as well as uplift community spirits in a well-cared for community!


Rain is a beautiful and a challenging thing. Obviously, we love the rain because it helps insulate us from drought and save money! During rain events, we do not send our team out to work for two primary reasons: 1) they are not very productive as trimming and cutting grass in the rain is messy and can create ancillary problems and 2) it is unsafe for our team to be working in wet conditions. The slip and fall injuries to our team skyrocket in wet conditions. We want to keep our team safe! With that being said, it is expected to rain all week. We will certainly work as soon as we can and we will send out production managers and a select few crew leaders to inspect properties, and ensure drains and swales are clean and free of debris. We will catch up on your property when the rain clears.

Our team takes great pride in our work, we ask your patience with us as we adjust to the ever-changing social reality of Covid-19, and unpredictable weather patterns. We are working hard to meet and exceed your expectations. If you ever feel like our team is not meeting your needs, please let me know. I will make adjustments as needed to serve you as your property deserves.

Not to make light of the situation, but sometimes, we just need a good meme to laugh and lighten our spirits a little bit. If you’ve got a good meme, I want to see it! Post it in the comments below! Our team is here to serve you. We are a family owned and operated landscape maintenance company, here to serve you. We have more than 140 team members and we serve all of San Diego County. We are family owned and operated and we are ready to serve all your landscape maintenance, irrigation, and construction needs. If you have a community or property that needs an improvement in their landscaping maintenance, please reach out to us. We would be happy to provide a maintenance bid for you!

The Whole Team!

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