10 Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Property Looking Sharp This Winter

Winter is a wonderful time for landscaping in San Diego. Many parts of the country are buried under several feet of snow, pounded by storms, and dealing with several inches of frost while San Diego has mild temperatures, rare frost, and generally warm days. The opportunity to make your landscaping really shine this winter is here, let me show you with 10 winter landscaping tips for property managers, board members, and landscaping professionals.

Tip #1
Keep your Irrigation Going

Of course, you don’t need to water as much, but you need to keep watering properly, which is where your landscaping professional comes in. Your landscape contractor should have irrigation experts on staff and they should be making regular visits and routinely checking the irrigation, plant health and soil conditions. In Southern California, cold weather often brings DRY weather and it is important that your plant material is properly irrigated.

Tip #2

Phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium… What are these and why do your plants need it?  Phosphorus stimulates root growth and helps improve plant vitality, and bud/flower growth. Nitrogen helps produce the proteins plants need to produce new foliage; in other words, it helps plants get greener. Potassium helps prevent disease and helps improve overall plant vigor. LaBahn’s Landscaping fertilizes regularly as part of our normal maintenance agreements with our clients. We have developed a “plant healthcare” plan that we follow religiously.

Tip #3
Know your Landscaping Zone

If you didn’t know, you do now, you have a zone. According to Sunset, Southern CA is between zone 17-24 (ish). The USDA Agricultural Research Service also offers a map with 11 zones, San Diego is somewhere in the neighborhood of zones 10a-11b. Knowing this zone can have a direct effect on which plants you plant, and which plants will do well/poorly for your community/property.

Tip #4

Mulch has many benefits. There is cost associated with installing mulch on your property but the benefits that will come as a result of this investment are often well worth it. Mulch improves the quality of soil, prevents weeds, retains water (improves irrigation efficiency), and drastically improves the look and feel of the landscaping. Some pro tips: Use natural mulch, properly processed (reduces disease and infection), mulch should be installed at a depth of 1.5” to 3”, and should be installed away from the foundation of the house a few inches to prevent water/insect intrusion. Mulch should be installed in planters, and tree rings. In addition, plants should be properly separated to allow clear visual of the mulch and separation of the plant types. This create a clear, sharp landscaping.

Tip #5
Cut Grass Shorter

Often, grass is cut 1”-2” shorter in the winter to prevent disease and reduce thatch build up.

Tip #6
Over Seed

Most properties we have seen in San Diego have several different types of grasses (St Augustine, Bermuda, Fescue; etc.), but when your turf goes dormant, you can keep a sharp looking grass green by over seeding with a winter rye. It is a temporary grass that will stay green in the cooler months, and then die and decompose in the warmer months.

Tip #7
Add Pots

This is a creative way to spruce up your landscaping and add flair to your community or commercial property. Adding pots can give you perspective and contrast.




Tip #8
Winter Color

Colorful plant material can provide beautiful accents to your winter landscaping. Planters, corners, entryways, by mailboxes or guest rooms; winter color can provide a beautiful way to keep your landscaping looking sharp this winter!

Candytuft (Iberis)

Ornamental Kale

Winter Jasmine

Tip #9

Hard pruning of shrubs, trees, and other plant material can we be done in the winter in San Diego. This creates a clean, crisp look and the plants will grow in stronger than ever in the spring looking green, fresh, and bright.

Tip #10
Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides exceptional contrast and ambiance to your winter landscaping and can provide subtle tones which bring warmth to your cold winter nights.


Tip #11

We are always happy to help you with all your landscaping needs. Even if it’s just to get a second opinion about something you’re working on. We are happy to help in any way that we can. It is our pleasure to serve our clients in San Diego, and we would love to partner with you in your landscaping needs this winter! So reach out, ask a few questions, get some free advice. Maybe we would make good partners for you, or maybe we will just be trusted advisers; either way, we are here to serve you.



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