Stress Free Maintenance

The RFP Process for finding and selecting an excellent landscape maintenance company is a tough project. Not only are you disappointed with the promises of other companies, but your landscaping doesn’t look as good as it could. To top it off, you have to micromanage your landscaping company to just pick the weeds or get back to you with proactive ideas or suggestions.

That’s a lot- especially on top of everything else you’re managing in your life. At LaBahn’s Landscaping we know how frustrated you must feel and how quickly a well-maintained property can fall apart. We don’t think you should have to put up with sub-par service, over promising and under delivering, or having to micro-manage every aspect of your landscape maintenance.

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Don’t waste another day stressing out about the performance of your landscaping maintenance contractor. Leave the landscaping/water management to us; get ready to enjoy your community/office space AND your landscaping company again.

Turf Care

Green healthy grass is a beautiful part of many landscapes. We fertilize turf areas quarterly, spot treat to remove broadleaf weeds, and check irrigation on turf areas weekly. We want your grass to look beautiful. Grass is also your highest water consumer. We proactively look for non-functional turf areas to remove, helping to save water and money.

Shrub Care

We fertilize quarterly and adjust the irrigation in order for each plant material to thrive and make your property's appearance stand out. Shrubs are sculpted and defined to exhibit excellent curb appeal. When pruning shrubs we will work with your preferred pruning method. We practice both shape pruning for a straight, defined look and hand pruning to preserve your shrubs’ natural appearance. To make sure shrubs do not get neglected, we often include selective pruning and thinning into the regular trimming.

Tree Trimming

It is imperative that regular attention is given to the trees on your property. We keep a close eye on your trees so that we can proactively provide you with the best options and resources. Consistent pruning and trimming helps them reach their full potential to have a healthy root structure and long life. Winter pruning can reshape, remove dead branches, and trim back canopies that are growing too close to buildings. We can also provide you with a comprehensive tree plan that will prioritize the trees on your property that need to be pruned. From there we can work with you to break up tree trimming into phases based on your budget and preference.

Soil and Fertilizer Analysis

Are the trees and shrubs on your property looking stressed? This could be due to a number of reasons, the soil underneath could not be providing the plants the nutrients they need or your landscape may need to be fertilized. Proper fertilization gives trees and shrubs the nutrients needed to stimulate new growth. We can provide a detailed soil and fertilizer analysis to target areas that may require extra attention due to poor soil. This can be very beneficial to trouble-shoot and target areas that appear to require extra attention due to poor soil. Soil analysis also provides key information before installing new plant material. Knowing what your soil is lacking allows us to make the necessary adjustments for you plants to thrive.

Ground Covers & Slope Management

We ensure that ground cover receives sufficient watering to encourage healthy growth and achieve slope stabilization. We would be happy to analyze your slope and make plant material suggestions that will not only look great but ensures stabilization and safely. Although slopes are often thought to be a challenge, our designers enjoy turning them into landscape assets. Weeds, debris, and branches are removed on a regular basis from both ground cover and slopes. It is our job to assess these areas and regulate accordingly.

Integrated Pest Management

Pests can be a nuisance. We are knowledgeable in pest management and administer effective products that help eliminate setbacks. While maintaining landscapes we often encounter harmful insects on properties. Our team can effectively diagnose the type of pest and treat the plant material with the appropriate insecticides. LaBahn’s also has teamed up with the best pesticide advisors, suppliers and certified arborists. If there are any special requests, we would be happy to integrate them into our pest management program. It is our endeavor to keep your landscaping healthy and pest free.