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California is experiencing a drought and is under level 2 water waste restrictions. This is the driest year since 1976. Effective August 1st, 2014, state water regulators have approved fines up to $500 a day for wasting water. These fines include irrigation run off. The full $500-a-day fine, considered an infraction, could be reserved for repeat violators, for example. Others might receive warnings or smaller fines based on a sliding scale. However, we want to make sure we are taking pro-active actions to help you avoid these fines and do our part to conserve water.

We recommend taking action on the following recommendations in order to reduce water waste and avoid fines:

  1. Program clocks to include 2 start times known as “cycle and soak”. By reprogramming a spray zone to run for 2 minutes with 2 start times instead of 10 minute runtime can reduce run off.
  2. Upgrade to smart controllers. Smart controllers are designed to specifically apply precise amounts of water to the landscape by modifying watering schedules on a daily basis utilizing the ET watering schedules. See available rebates here
  3. Consider high efficiency nozzles and pressure regulation. High efficiency nozzles are designed to apply water with more uniform coverage at low application rates which minimize the potential runoff. See available rebates here
  4. For planter beds, convert spray irrigation to drip irrigation. Replacing sprinklers with low flow, high efficiency drip irrigation is an excellent way to save water. When drip conversions are added to turf conversions, water savings can be as high as 60%-75%. By applying water directly to the plant where it is needed and not bare soil, efficient water usage can be maximized. Drip irrigation reduces the possibility of runoff and wasted water.  See available rebates here.

Find out more information on drought here:

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions Effective June 1, 2015 by the Governor.
2 days of irrigation per week!


Click here ( to find your specific restrictions.  The entire list of SDCWA Member Agency Water Districts can be found here (

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