Water Conservation Products & Systems

Water conservation is becoming mandatory throughout the state of California. This specifically applies to irrigation upgrades and other water-wise solutions for landscaping. LaBahn’s also takes full advantage of the irrigation and drought tolerant planting rebates bring offered by local water districts and the So Cal Water Smart program. Conservation methods are actually simple to implement, and are also a great investment.

Construction Installation

March Air Force Base

We can complete projects large and small. This video illustrates the kind of team we have, and the kind of projects we can complete! March Air Force Base was a 2 month installation process and a 12 month maintenance contract.

Justifying the Extra Expense to Upgrade

Weather-based irrigation scheduling and products can save 20 to 50 percent on annual water costs, while preventing over-watering, runoff and soil erosion. Upgrading will end up paying for itself in less than two years, providing a quick return on investment.


There are numerous water conservation products to choose from. Our goal is to increase your awareness and provide you with information on what is available for your landscaping needs. There are also many rebates available for irrigation products to make upgrading your irrigation more practical for your property and budget.

Hunter MP Rotators

Hunter MP Rotators are a great water conservation product. They produce a rotating, multi-trajectory stream of water that applies much slower and uniformly than conventional sprays. It has automatic matched precipitation, even after arc and radius adjustment. Runoff on slopes and tight soil is controlled by the low application rate.


Hunter MP Rotators have proven durability and reliability since 1987. It only has one moving part, which cuts down on broken mechanisms. It is equipped with a patented double pop flush on the start-up and shutdown, without increasing spray head flow-by.


It has an easy arc adjustment, along with a radius of up to 25%. There is no need to change the nozzle to maintain matched precipitation, and it has a removable inlet filter for easy cleaning.


• Easy to install.
• Compatible with all spray bodies.
• A great choice for new systems - provides immense range flexibility (from 5’ strip to 35’ radius), decreases material costs, and provides better system efficiency.
• Excellent for retrofitting old systems - can solve low pressure and poor coverage problems.
• Durable - removable inlet filter keeps sprinkler free from internal debris.
• Reliable - double-pop nozzle keeps the sprinkler free from external debris.
• Multiple rotating streams provide wind resistance and uniform coverage, eliminating dry spots.
• Increased efficiency results in 30% less water use compared to older sprays.
• Greatly reduced runoff - perfect for dense soils and slopes.

Closer-Look Sprinkler Drip System

For plant material other than grass, a drip system is the most efficient method of irrigating. While sprinklers are 75-85% efficient, drip systems are typically 90% or higher. Netafim tubing used for drip irrigation is a very common and reliable product. It comes in a variety of options, like dripperlines, both thinwall and thickwall.


These dripperlines are injection-molded and welded into a wall of seamless tubing, supplying the highest level of distribution uniformity. Seamless tubing construction makes it stronger and more durable than comparable tapetype dripperlines. Netafim’s unique flap technology protects the dripper against suction of debris and root intrusion, making Netafim thinwall dripperlines the most clog-resistant product on the market.


Drip irrigation may also use devices called micro-spray heads, which spray water in a small area, instead of dripping emitters.

Drought-tolerant Design and Installation

Here at LaBahn’s Landscaping, we have our own Water Conservation division. Our account manager is dedicated and experienced in both water saving irrigation systems and drought tolerant plants.


We can provide our customers with unique designs and provide options that enhance the property's appeal. Water Conservation can directly contribute to significant monthly and annual financial savings.

Complete Irrigation Services

Water is the most important of our earth’s resources and is in great demand, due to excessive pollution and waste. With the current drought conditions, wasted water is something we take very seriously. We provide a full, in depth irrigation inspection when we start on new accounts, which includes a report on how to improve and upgrade your current system. Our crew maintains and consistently checks the irrigation system making sure it is working efficiently and to its full potential. The time clocks are set according to the weather of each season, with the awareness of your budget and water conservation.


If you are interested in installing a new irrigation system, let us provide you with an efficient comprehensive design. By taking into account all of your watering needs for your property and budget, we can recommend products that are top of the line for water efficiency.


To learn more about our irrigation management, click to read Chris Roesink's article "Time to Get Real About Water Management: What Every Maintenance Manager Needs to Know" HERE.